The Bold Bordeaux: This Fall’s Hottest Color


Wool Double-Breasted Trench Coat by Zara

Bordeaux has made a bold burst onto the fall fashion color watch. Bordeaux is a rich combination of red, purple, and a hint of brown. A good example of this color is a blush wine. Bordeaux is versatile and it can revamp your brown, black, navy, khaki, and grey work pants or skirts.

Neiman Marcus has pieces in bordeaux this season ranging from snakeskin Fendi pumps  to the Lanvin one-button jacket. These classic pieces in bordeaux can revive a pair of great denim jeans. Not only does bordeaux look stunning in an outfit, it is ideal for lip color, balms, gloss, blush, and nail polish.

Fendi Snakeskin Pump

Lanvin One-Button Velvet Jacket

Bordeaux is not only a rich color, it has a rich history. Here are some quick facts about Bordeaux:

  • A Celtic tribe, the Biturige Vivisci, founded the city of Bordeaux and named it Burdigala.
  • The “English Era” of Bordeaux lasted for three centuries, a period during which the town began to grow.
  • After the Hundred Years War, as a result of the battle of Castillon, Bordeaux fell back under the authority of the king of France.
  • The town only regained its sovereignty in 1462.
  • The 18th century was its golden age, because of the wine trade with England and Germany and the trades with the West Indies.

To read more about Bordeaux, follow this link.

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